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I would go with what Ruth said - in addition there are a lot of really good techs out there who, for whatever reason, are not able to work full time - would you want to miss out on the chance of employing one of them? They could both enhance your business. AND you were only getting x-amount for that space anyway so you are not losing on the deal.

I guess its down to "what are you happy getting" - if you are happy with the split then great - if you want more but don't want to be unfair how about charging them each 2/3 of the total - you get a bit extra and they get a good deal too. :D

But then what do I know? :rolleyes:

OK - got to admit that I work in a different field on a jobshare basis - and the way we sell it is that the employer gets the skills of two employees for one person's wages, we are also very flexible and cover each other for sickness and holidays as far as we are able. My current job has allowed me to progress to senior manager level even though i am only jobshare! :D :shock:


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Jan 12, 2003
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Here is a situation I would appreciate everyone's help:

You have 4 nail tech's already in your salon. All have a designated space and pay same amount of rent. But one of the nail tech's chooses to work part time. So, you would like to hire another nail tech to fill the other times when she is not there. However they will need to share the space. Should they now share the rent/ split the price? Or should each pay the full amount of rent as everyone else?

Please let me know what is right and fair........thanks!

Buford, GA
When a person rents a booth, normally they do so with the intention of working full time and that is the normal agreement. My opinion is that they should both pay the full amount of rent. Unless the agreement between you is that they work only part time.

If you rent a room and go away for a few days, the landlord cannot be expected to pay you back for the time you are not there! If they are renting by the week they should pay for the week whether they choose to be there or not. It is their choice if they want to take time off.

This is the real world. If they want space in your salon they should pay the normal weekly rate.
So, the point is, the 2nd tech is being hired to fill in for the 1st nail tech who will not work f/t. So, the 2nd nail tech has to share her space, does not have a designated space and there are no other stations available. So, they rotate schedules and share the same space. So, you still think they both should still have to pay full price? THANKS!

If you rent a space anywhere else, like in an antique mall for instance, you simply pay for the square footage,, no matter how many people you share it with, it is still the same price.

Leigh Ann Holz
Well I think, if they share the station and thats in agreement with you, then they should share the cost.......
Just a thought............
Two part timers make one full timer, not 2 full timers............
so I would say they should share the cost of the weekly rental between themselfs.........Between them they are responsible for the full weekly agreed amount.............
I think that would be fair...if notthen just look for one full timer that is happy to work the full time hours.........

love Ruth xxxxxxxx
You can go either way with the situation.
You know in mostly legal terms and viewing a booth rental like an apartment rental, what we would do is enter the strange and bewildering world of SUB-LEASING or SUB-RENTAL.
(( yeah, like I know, it's like we already have normal rental down pat, don't we all, ha ha ))
let's not, we know that in reality, that most booth rental relationships are actually handled in very relaxed, some call them loose, ways and methods.
Informal rental agreements are actually the norm that I have observed.
So, in that case, as long as all involved have discussed and agreed and we do not have a CluelessOne as one of the participating parties, I don't see anything wrong with 2 renters sharing the rent for a single rental price.
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