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Aug 16, 2003
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I see that Creative do 1-2-1 training for about £35 (list not near me, guessing!). Has anyone done any? How long do you get for the £35? Can you chose in advance what you spend the time on? I am assuming you take all your own gear?

Lots of questions and I know a (lucky) lot of you are at Excel, but I expect someone can help?

Cheers ...... and it's sunny here, forecast wrong again :)

Dee xx
Hi Dee :D

I'm not at Excel today either :( Wish I was but never mind :)

According to the Creative Life Long Learning booklet I have here the 1-2-1 is £35 per hour! (+VAT)

That's not cheap, but I suppose if you have specific problems you want someone to help you solve, an hour of one to one instruction would be worth paying for if it meant you had less Clients returning for fixes.

It also says you take your own equipment with you, and model or a trainer hand if you wish.

By the way it says a minimum of 2 hours - not sure how that works, but that's what it says in the booklet!

Hi Tina,

and thanks for the reply.

SO I am looking at about £85 for two hours with VAT. Wow, I suppose my local garage would say that is reasonable but although it may be a big help to iron out a problem I may have to leave it for a little while. My nearest Creatice place is Salisbury so I am looking at £100 with petrol.

I must admit that it looks useful but will have to sell a some silver first, or maybe include it with another visit :)

Have a good day !!!

Dee from Somerset. x
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