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Jul 1, 2003
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Houghton-le-spring, Tyne and Wear
Hi can somebody give me the number for the one stop nail shop mail order, i phoned them a week ago last Friday asking for a mail order catalogue but it hasn't turned up :( and i was wanting to get the spa manicure and pedicure sets from there so i can get my free training :D !

Thank you.
Love Linda.x :thumbsup:
The general number for the whole Head Office in Leeds is

0113 275 5719

Ask for the customer care department and always get the name of the person you have spoken to so you can go back to them if they have not fulfilled your wishes - also helps us to know who to give a bol-----ing for not doing a good job!! :D

If you have not taken the Foundation Course, chances are they will not send to you. We don't send our catalogue out to a member of the general public. You will be given a catalogue as part of your student pack on day one of your course.
hi Linda

the one stop nail shop and mail order are different ways of purchasing.
The one stop nail shops are stores based around the U.K....
the numbers for the shops are as follows:

Leeds-01132 163016
Essex-02087 877036
Glasgow-0141 7799206
London-02073 852488
Manchester-0161 9752844
Milton Keynes-01908 282224
Salisbury-01722 335292

The Designer nails mail order service is-0800 3160213 (if you call this number and ask for a price catalogue along with some other information they will be more than happy to oblige!)

I hope you find this Helpful

any questions you can contact me on
01132 163016


Ass. Manager One Stop Nail Shop-Leeds
Hi, thanks Geeg and David, i'll wait until the 18th of August, the first day of my foundation course (hurray!!!!!) :D

Love Linda.x
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