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May 9, 2009
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Having seen lots of gorgeous nails here, I have been watching tutorials and bought new, beter quality paints, I didnt have any of the longer nails, so i glued 2 together ( so you will probably see the join :irked: ) and had a go, it looks so easy in the tutorials, not so easy in the flesh, I have got some of the super long ones now, so can maybe try a set of ten next time, what do you think?? x
They look fab Hun :)
I am a huge fan of one stroke :)
the nails look lovely it's not easy on something so small is it? ( even when there big for nails it's still tiny ) Also I find the smooth shinnyness of the nail takes away from the flow of the stroke ? 2 things that might help :)
I tend to find it easyer to lay down a matte top/ base coat first , CND sticky is perrrfect , or a color effect, or paint the area lightly with acrylic paint first , a fan brush is fabby for that,

Another thing I noticed in some of the leaves beetween the yellow and green the blend could flow more , for this I use floating medium insted of water :) if you get some medium you will see a HUGE diffrence so fast. :)

I only notice these things as I know one stroke well :)

They are grate though you've done a fab job ,
I haven't attempted that level of skill yet, with painting.
Frankly, I'm afraid LOL
I never NEVER did art prior to doing Nails and failed art class in school LMFAO

I think you have done a LOVELY job and you've given me the courage to get out my paint brush and book and have another whack at it.

thankyou for your help!! mizzy dizzy, I found the acrylic paint didnt stick at first and had to buff a bit so it would take to the tip, I put silver and gold paint on first, and used a lint free wipe to try and texturise it a bit, and also it didn't look even when I just put it on first which is the real reason I used the cotton lol what kind of meduim could I get? I amnot aware of anything like this, is it like clear acrylic paint??

VHunter, I also was quite frankly rubbish at art, was never interested, but I am interested in nails, think thats the difference, and like for like, your comments make me want to get mines out and keep going!! thanks! xx
It's not a paint it's more a clear gel , to use It I dubble load my brush with my paint then dip in in to the medium , do one or two strokes to blend the paint then do the real thing :) you will find such a change in the flow and blend , also the paint on the brush will go a little further :)

when changing color I wash the brush in water and flattern and almost dry it with kitchen towle that's the only time I wet the brush , hope some of this helps :)

you can buy it from any art shop that sells acrylic paint , it will be on the shellf in a bottle the same as the paint it's one of the bottles no one ever knows what to do with so no one buys it lol
it's normaly cheep same price as paint ,

The one I use is, folkart floating medium, I belive you can find it on if you can't find it localy ,

Have fun :)
very beautifull
These are gorgeous :) so detailed.

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