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I have never had to enter client's credit card details.
Perhaps contact Shedul and ask them why and if there is a way around this. I have always found them to be extremely helpful and quick to get back to me.
Yes. I will contact Shedul.

Just tried to setup a Ovatu Trial Period......what a nightmare. Setting up is very difficult. "Timetable Tab" what does that mean? Just one of many items which are not clear (to a non salon bod who is more at home stripping and rebuilding all things mechanical)

Does Ovatu provide a glossary of terms and an explanation of those terms? If so, grateful if I can be pointed in the right direction.

Should say, in comparison to setting up Ovatu, Shedul is a breeze....
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After considerable thought decided to have a closer look at Shedul. Downloaded the app and populated the various parts ie Services.

Had a dummy run to see how it worked.

The system asked for the clients credit card details. Its felt that this could be off puting as many people do not like to give such details online.

Can Shedul be used for booking without the need to enter CC details? If so, how is it done.

Greatful for help with this.

Have now begun to research Ovatu.
I pay extra for this service clients put their details in and only get charged if they cancel out late or if they do a no show it’s outlined before they put their details in it protects the salon owner.

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I am having some issues with Shedul and no one from customer service is getting back to me.
They used to have great support, but now it appears NOT

It appears that a lot of the features (that I loved) have now changed.

I have contacted Shedul but their customer service dept is not responding.


I don't know if I will continue using it as it now lacks a lot of the features that were important to me.

Please take any comments I have previously made with a pinch of salt as I am not sure if these features still exist.

I am now having to go through all my posts regarding Shedul on Salon Geek as I sung its praises and it now is making me look like a liar.


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I am having some issues with Shedul and no one from customer service is getting back to me.
Shedul are basically a paid system now. It was inevitable, no business survives on air alone, but it could be better handled. I have heard horror stories.

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yes I should have seen the writing on the wall.
I feel stupid now. It WAS such a great product, now I don't like they have changed it. the changes dont suit my needs.