Only a Winter's Tale...


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Apr 5, 2003
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Nottingham , U.K.
I'm not just about to burst out in song - believe me you don't want to go there :shock:

Anyway, now it's a bit depressing this time of year... :(
with the darkness... :(
and the rain and the wind... :(

Does anyone have any 'nail related' stories to tell that would make us laugh :D

Just any tales that are funny... :D
After all they say that laughter is the best medicine :D
Obviously not :?
I well remember one sticky moment when two of the clients in the salon at the same time shared the same husband. That's right! One of the ladies (?) was having an affair with the other's husband and the other knew about it!!

I don't think they thought it was at all funny, but when they had gone WE sure had a good laugh about it.
moved and therefore Bumped into chatter :D

That should get some action ;)
nothing to do with nails but here pals man is a bit of a dafty, he went away to work one day and went to phone home at lunchtime but when he put his hand into his pocket for his mobile he had the remote control for the tv instead......his workmates slagged him for ages about being the only guy ever to get channel 5 on his :D

another time he was up early on a sunday morning and was making breakfast when the housephone rang but when he answered it there was no one there.........this happened about 4 or 5 times and everytime he picked it up it was the same...silence, well he was getting really ratty, shouting allsorts down the phone to the phantom the next time it happened his wife answered it while he was in the kitchen still preparing breakfast but this time she could hear some one whistleing.........then it was his mobile phone that was in his pocket and he had not locked the keypad so the phantom caller turned out to be him phoning the house from his mobile that was in his pocket, he had been shouting down the phone to :D

the 2 of them are some pair...i often say they should be on the stage

I once did a Ladies hands and couldn't understand why one was taking longer than the other. :?

It wasn't until near the end of the treatment that I realised she only had 3 fingers on one hand! :shock: I nearly fell off of my chair!

Not that it made me freak out because of her situation, but just at the fact that I can't believe I didn't notice! :shock:

She was having an hour long Spa Manicure for goodness sake! :oops:

No wonder one hand was a lot quicker! :D It was definatley one of my dizziest days! :scat:
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