Only Fools And Horses???????


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Aug 31, 2006
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hi guys and girls,
wanna know your opinion on this situation, i have a succesful beauty and nail salon on the main road leading into a busy town.

as i only opened a year in october i have been promoting my services non stop and advertising special offers.....
the hair dressers approx 300 yards from me, off the main road, but just off of the next junction seems to be copying everything i do...
both of the daughters came in and took price lists and since then they have got a beautician in and have advertised nail ext, eye lash ext just after i did, waxing, pedicures, and to top it off as i am a dermalogica salon, face mapping!! which is trade marked to dermalogica!!
so we decided to phone them and ask about it, to which they had no clue, and said that it is dermalogica mapping but not the products!!!
i reported it to my derm rep who wants pics of the ads....
but why do people deliberately want to try to sabbatage others on their door steps?????
i feel like like retaliating, but i never wanted any of this.... the accounts with large firms like dermalogica cost thousands, it just makes me angry when these so called salons rip it off!!!!!:cry:
let me know ure experiences and opinions chiks xxxxx :hug:
I would't worry about it I get that all of the time
I have had a salon for 12 years while the other salons come and go People open so called beauty salons
They always undercut me then they close because they can't afford to stay open but I am still here
You can almost be sure that they are not fully trained
You just have to be better than them

Hi this is hubby of auntsally. I can make your problem dissapear. know what i mean? know what i mean? know what i mean? eh... eh...
Well they say imitation is the greatest form of flattery, but in this case they are trying to take money from your pocket by coping what you do.

You have a few choices here.
Auntsally's Hubby would probably be the cheapest and most effective - but there could be a few legal issues and I am sure the offer was made with tounge firmly placed in cheek.
Legal action would be impractical and too expensive (been there and done it and as a beauty brand it is expensive - think nice house in south east costs) and would probably take too long anyway.
Dermalogical may act on your behalf to stop them, which would be ideal. The cynic in me wonders if Dermalogica may just try to stock the hair salon as well which would be a disaster for you!!! (I would like to think and believe that they wouldn't do this). Hopefully Dermalogica will send the hairdressers a firm letter about trade mark and interlectual property infringement.
Another option is to talk with the hairdressers. I know that this may seem like the last thing you want to do, but negotiation between you both may be the best thing. You need to establish whether they are doing the beauty side well - if they are struggling to get clients then they may want to stop. They could refer beauty to you and you refer hair to them.
If none of those help just get in touch with Auntsally's Hubby.
thanks every one for your replys especially aunt sallys hubby;)
i dont see them as a threat at all infact some ladies that go there for their hair, and me for their beauty have stopped going there!!!
its just taking libertys when they are blatantly writing my promotions on their A board facing my shop!
i have since moved my A board to the junction facing their sounds really petty, and thats whats p***ing me off, i didnt start this i just dont want them to think they can mug me off and carry on!!!! lol:irked:
I think you may survive!! lol , they are totally clucthing at straws !!!!!!!

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