Opening a Nail Salon in USA


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Feb 21, 2011
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Naples, Florida, USA
Hi All
I'm new to the Biz forum and since Salon Geek attracts professionals and newbies from all over the world, hopefully someone can help me here?

I am looking to open a Nail Salon in USA and wondered if there were any USA salon owners on here that can give me adivce on what it takes to open a nail salon in Florida?

I am a qualified Nail Tech and Hairdresser although I am not licensed in USA as a hairdresser, I did all my training and did have my own hairdressing biz in UK many years ago.
I am focusing on Nails with the likeyhood that i will do some beauty courses in USA to add to nails. So my interest is to open a nail salon in Florida.
I need to know the requirements for being a salon owner.

Do i need the following:

Public Liability Insurance - a must :)
Trading license ?
Nail Tech license - a must :)

I do NOT intend to employee staff as i am looking to rent out nail tables so that the nail techs are self employed.
I have sourced a place to rent and in the middle of the biz plan at the moment.

I'm hoping someone can tell me what is all needed.

Any advice is much appreciated :)
Thank you for that info. I will check it out ! :)
I do have my Nail License for the State of Florida. I am ever hopeful that an American Nail Salon Owner can give advice on everything else i will need to pursue my Biz further. Meantime...I will have a good read :)

Thanks Again :)

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