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Hi Geeks,

I work from home offering beauty treatments on Friday & Saturday all day and then evenings as requested. I now have the opportunity to offer an additional day for treatments to my clients -which day would you suggest I am best to offer?

The options are Monday or Thursday? (There may be opportunity to offer Wednesday, but this is less likely) Also which night in your experience is the most popular for offering late night appointments?

Your advice would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks, Jo
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Hay I would def go for the thursday, I tend to be really busy on a thursday especially with tans and nails as it fits in perfectly if they have something special to go to on a friday or saturday. xx

I would say Thursday too, closer to weekend, Thursday's is meant to be my day off, but every week I get people booked in. Lol x

I agree too... I changed my days from tues fri sat to thurs fri sat recently and thurs is a much more reliable day for bookings. Also I quite like doing all 3 days together, keeps me in work mode!
Josie x

Great! Thanks geeks this is really helpful! :) xx