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Apr 4, 2010
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I've just received my OPI gelcolor and love it. I only have cajun shrimp and Lincoln Park after dark so far does anyone recommend any other colours? what colours are most popular with your clients.
Are you going to service my clients? Then I can tell you, what they like :D

And seriously - I have almost all the colors, I decided to skip frosts, so I do not have bogota, cosmo-not and brisbane, all other colors are great, especially last collection.
Although I have a problem with lobster, but I have to check it out better - it looks like nice pink, yet on my nails it changed color to orange during 12 hours - I was really surprised in the morning, when I looked at my hands.

You can google swatches, it makes choosing easier. But I love them all except funny bunny and passion, but I got them in a set.

Must haves:
Strawberry Margarita
A Grape Fit!
You Don’t Know Jacques!
Louvre Me, Louvre Me Not
Big Apple Red
Malaga Wine
Suzi Says Feng Shui
A Good Man-Darin Is Hard to Find
I Have a Herring Problem
My Address is "Hollywood"
We just received our shipment Friday:

  • Big Apple Red
  • Cajun Shrimp
  • Pompeii Purple
  • Russian Navy
  • Miami Beet
  • A Grape Fit
  • OPI Ink (My Personal FAVE!)
  • Alpine Snow
  • You Don't Know Jacques
  • I'm Not Really A Waitress
  • Bastille My Heart
  • Lincoln Park After Dark (Another Personal Fave)
  • Black Onyx (Again, Another Personal Fave)
  • Louvre
  • Strawberry Margarita
  • Brisbane Bronze
  • My Private Jet
  • Bubble Bath
thanks for the feedback. I've got the brochure and had a look through the colours but think its always good to get some feedback from someone who is actually using it. Love cajun shrimp and Lincoln park. plan on just getting a few colours at a time.
Google swatches, you can see the colors better. I always do that and seldom make mistakes.
I love 'pompeii purple', and I've just recieved 'are we there yet' which looks lovely too.
Its hard to choose from all the colours available! And you cant have them all straight away (unless you have a big budget!) I've been ordering 3 at a time thinking I have enough now but then find others to put on my 'list for next time'! I only have 13 now.
Boop this is wht i've done i've just ordered a few. My privat jet, My address is Hollywood and Honk if you love OPI are on their way to me.
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I almost got 'honk if you love OPI' but chose 'lourve me lourve me not' instead. I think 'my adress is hollywood' could be next on my list. Thanks a windmillion looks nice too. I just want them all really!
i think i spent about 3 days looking at swatches and deciding on colours. its a tough decision, so many to choose from.
i think i spent about 3 days looking at swatches and deciding on colours. its a tough decision, so many to choose from.

Is it your first gel polish line? If not, check for dupes, some colors are almost identical.Which have you chosen?
no i use shellac as well.

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