Opinion on Tammy Taylor's Dramatic Pink?


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Dec 28, 2007
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Hi all, just wondering what your opinion is of Tammy Taylor's Dramatic Pink. It is a pretty popular polymer where I live and I use it myself. After looking at tons of pictures in the nail gallery, and all of the nice translucent pinks, I am just wondering if the Dramatic Pink is too opaque looking? Anyone who has ever used this product, I am seeking your opinion. :)
I have successfully used Tammy Taylor nail products & I might add they are awesome products, for over 25 yrs. TT has loyal followers. As you can see not over here ..
dramatic pink is like you say a perfect natural color pink with a opaque finish.
TT has a clear pink, a peaches & cream pink for dark nail beds. actually TT has the most colors you choose from in any nail company. I love & use 95% of the time true pink..
there is pinkest pink & pink3.. ' but if you want a clear nice pink, then its "clear pink " :) then the colored powders Prisma. there are some clear pinks there with shimmer or glitter added.. beautiful nails done with this.

you are free to mail me to join other TT techs in a forum..


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