Organic skincare range, recommendations please!


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Aug 15, 2011
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I'm looking at different skin ranges and there's so many as we all know!
So, I'd like to know what organic ranges you are using. How does it compete with the big brands and do clients show interest?
What do you look for in an organic range or in any range for that matter and what are your clients looking for?

I've heard reports of pai, organic elements and madara.
Anyone used these or used any other organic skincare?
I'd love your feedback on how well they do in your salons or spas and the results you see.
I used organic elements in a salon I used to work in, I loved working with the products and they have a body range too.
They do full training on their products and the lady that came to us was fab and really knowledgable.
The oe facials were really popular with clients and I had lots of regulars xx
Thats great info, thanks!
Of you and your clients are specifically looking for organic, I use Balm Balm - 100% organic and smells amazing, although it is an complete oil based facial which might not be for everyone. Glenda at Balm Balm is lovely and very helpful. My clients have been thrilled with the results so far xx
*Sorry that should start with IF not OF?! :p
I use Neals Yard Remedies - completely organic and natural, packed full of goodness and really good prices. They smell gorgeous as they're full of essential oils etc. cannot speak highly enough of these products!!
I like neals yard too. Can you use them professionally though?
Live native. Organic and vegan/vegetarian friendly xxx
I like neals yard too. Can you use them professionally though?

Yes you can, on their website you can join to become a consultant, you get a start up kit and then you get trade discount on all products. They even do candles, shampoo's, supplements etc. which is great for extra retail!
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Thanks for advice geeks! :)

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