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May 25, 2003
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hi everybody
i have had to take a day off work today :mad: the first sick day i have had in seven years:eek: ...i fell off my bike :o ...it was a really nice evening yesterday and decided to go out on my bike with my seventeen year old son .....big mistake ...he challenged me to a race ...and i lost controll and ended up in a ditch :rolleyes: ...i'm black and blue:sad: and have no skin on both elbows and knees:cry:
i'm really to old for this:evil: ...serve my right for thinking i was a teenager again:rolleyes:
there is a plus side ...i get to catch up on all the postings ...i think i'll have another cup of coffee :lol:
take care
debbie (who should have taken more care!!!)
oh no poor you, sounds painfull hope you recover soon but sounds ok sitting at home being able to go on the computer and post all day lol expecting to see loads of posts from you now :lol: take careXxxx
Good for you for going out and taking part is what I say, even if you are suffering now.

I entered my 7 year old sons mummy race at his school last year, after loads, heaps of requesting from him, go on mummy please you know, well I used to, many moons ago run for east Devon so thought oh what the heck.

I was doing increadibly well about to the win the race, my sons face was beaming until the last tiny scrap of the race where my leg gave way and over i went into a rugby tackle style plunge, sliding up the track in front of the whole school, oh yes taking the skin from my arms and legs.

My sons face went from beaming to steaming, giving it "that is definatly not my mother, i mean who is that idiot." Yes I too also felt that i should not have done it after, but hey its the taking part that counts i recon. ;)

I say rest your self but take a large pat on the back for giving it a go many wouldnt. WELL DONE.

Grace x
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