Overlays - Zone 1 or 3 First? Help?


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Jul 31, 2003
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Hi all

Am new to this and have done P and W overlays, and one colour using Metro Powders, but have a one colour clear to do Friday - do you start with zone 1 for clear overlays as per the most excellent tutorial ;) or zone 3 as per instructions in Mosaic powders? Am confused - happens easily!!!!

I have done one colour Metro powder overlay on myself starting at zone 3 but dont feel the zone one was as well covered as when I do other way round - maybe that gives me my answer :!:

Anyway Help from all you fellow geeks, would be much appreciated.

Start with zone one as always.

Metro powders call for a slightly different approach when fading from the cuticle black to gold and the instructions are vis a vis that scenario.

For everything else do the usual 123.
Thanks Geeg, it does make sense, but wanted to make sure. :D

This is the MOST EXCELLENT site am eternally grateful to Katrina, Creative Ambassador, for telling me about it!

Looking forward to my overlays now!

Lesleyx ;)
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