p&w l&p on client with large nails


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Aug 2, 2007
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This is a regular client of mine who has really large nails i have to sculpt rather than use tips. i know that there are some improvements but i have only been doing p&w for a couple of months now and improving every time i do them before and after rebalancing, blue flicks after rebalance


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well done hun these are nice, in the before pictures the nails look alittle bit wide and bulky on the whites but definate improvement after the rebalance.

If the client has quiet big or wide nail beds i tend to do them almond shape some times with the white square, it makes it more noticable to others that there nails are wide, but that is just my opinion hun, i know it is down to the clients prefence.

Well done tho chic xx
Thanks Hunni,
The client wants them square, I did use to do them oval but she decided that she wanted them square as they are more practical for her :rolleyes::lol:
jen xx
In that case i would take the sides in alittle so they look alittle taper'd, you can either file down the side abit or pinch not alot but just to bring the sides in, it makes such a difference.

Just an idea tho hun xx
Thanks will try that next time i do her rebalance see what happens.
J xx :hug:

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