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Dec 16, 2014
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West Scotland
Hey guys was looking for a little bit of advice here...
Basically I never received my P60 this year and now that I'm applying for something to do with my child's nursery fees I'm needing a hold of it. Asked my boss 3 weeks ago and he said he would get in touch with the accountant for me and get it sorted. I've asked him twice since then and he keeps telling me he has forgotten. So I'm just wondering, if he still doesn't bother getting in touch with the accountant, do I have a right contacting his accountant myself? It doesn't seem right going behind his back and enquiring myself but I wasn't sure if it was my responsibility or his. I'm not very good with this side of things so thanks in advance!
If he forgets again, I would say that is getting pretty urgent now and shall you contact the accountant yourself.

Vic x
I would ring him and ask him has he requested it. If he hasn't I would just say that you really do need it urgently and that you are going to ring his accountants secretary and request that a copy is sent to you. Tell him that you need it by Monday.

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