My table broke mid treatment


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May 10, 2019
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I wasnt sure how to handle the situation. My massage client is a heavy gentleman, who on turning over mid massage, the way he banked his body over the table snapped underneath him.

I made sure he was ok first. Then apologies to him. But as far as I was concerned treatment is over. I not holding him to account for breakage even though inside I upset. I remain professional.

Going forward, when I feel a client is maybe near or over the weight for table how do I articulate it verbally without being horrible and offending anyone. I have it on my website, but I swear some men dont read anything like that.

And as my table was 1k I not making this mistake again. But I dont want to ask straight out what's your weight.

Any advise? Also wheres good for tables, I better get a replacement before monday.
Oh no I feel for you and I am so glad that your client was not hurt.
Many years ago a hefty client turned over on my very expensive couch and did the same . Not a full break but a split in the under side, it went with a massive crack!
My husband did a good temporary repair with plywood until I got a replacement.

Bariatric beds would be properly reinforced for such an occasion ,however maybe a little bit too wide for you but it's worth looking at physiotherapy suppliers. They will give a maximum weight which will be vital in your search.

You never know there are some companies that do refurbished ones that may be less pricey.

Good luck, my heart really goes out to you.
Thank you, I never thought of looking at physiotherapy tables. I shall have a google and find 1 that can the heaviest possible. I bought a cheap temporary static from Salons Direct as I getting it delivered Tuesday. Everything good is a wait of 4 weeks. And teach me a lesson not to have a spare for such events.

My table split in half but as its reinforced with metal plates it just dipped in the middle and client stayed on table but was understandably shook up by the huge cracking noise. He was so embarrassed and I just reassured him, it's just an unlucky 1 of those things and it's not him.
Clients come to feel uplifted so the last thing I wanted to do was him go away feeling bad. But I think he will be more careful when sitting on lying down now.

I wanted a table that can take alot of weight, as my massage side of business is mostly male nowadays. And although I have a maximum table weight sign in my room for clients to read, I have doubted 2 clients recently but I not a fat shamer and I just treated them but I felt the pressure they put on my table.
My client was mortified and offered to buy me a new couch immediately. She was so upset, but I kept telling her that my main priority was that she hadn't fallen off it or that the split had'nt got her elbow stuck through it.
I am sure you handled it well and didn't make him feel bad about it.

The area just at elbow length below the head hole is an area of great stress when a client turns over. Their elbows put incredible force on a small zone during turning. The other thing was that my couch should have taken the weight well, but it was this small area that took full upper body weight and CRACK :rolleyes: it split. The rest you know.

After many years she and I both laugh about it now, so no long lasting harm has come to our relationship;).
This is something I have been worrying about recently too. I have 2 new clients who are extremely overweight and although my couch is a good strong wooden one that has been fine with larger ladies & men before, I have definite concerns about it now.
Very interested to know if anyone knows a a brand suitable for greater client weights.
Yes I agree, it's when the client rolls over creates a potential issue.
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I found a website that sells refurbished physiotherapy tables called Trimbio, that have several medical brands. They can take 23 stone, Ideal for my needs.

Really cheap compared to what I was going to pay for my next static. Averaging £500, all electric.

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