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Apr 21, 2003
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Hi all!!!

Have you seen the nail art on page 7 of Nails magazine the bottom right hand picture. How fantastic is that!?!

How is that look achieved what products do they use?

Lou xxx :D
They are a bit wow aren`t they, not at all practical though, lol.
I would love to know how to do the ones on page 19 by Leighton Denny, they are gorgeous
Ooo, how do I get a copy of Nails mag???

I've just got to see those Leighton Denny nails!!!


They look like hes used metalic stars and silver flatstones and incorparted them into the acrylic only on the tips hey look fantastic don't they!?!

Lou xxx :D
Hi Karen,

I subscribe to nails magazine it costs £24 a year their contact number is 0800 3281178.

I think it is a fab magazine always a very interesting read!

Lou xxx :D
:D If you think 'NAILS' is good, have you seen 'SCRATCH' MAGAZINE.... it knocks spots off it. Phone 01763 262874 for a free copy or e-mail [email protected]
Hi girls - it's actually really quite easy to do these nails and they do look cool!! About 7 years ago CND did a shot using the same type of 'arty bits'.. Basically, you use Perfect Clear and have a mixed pot of X,Y,Z next to you...once you have created your bead - squish it GENTLY into your mix and place upside down (so the mix is on the nail and the upside of Perfect Clear is there to work with) - just push into place creating your smile and add zone 2 & 3 in Perfect pink!! Finish as normal and this will give you this look - if you think about it, you could use ANYTHING!!! ;) 8)
For those that love to sculpt (like me, he he), do the layering thingy as you usually would with your white, and follow what sam said,


When you do your first bead (bottom bead), use gold glitters and when you do your second bead (top bead), use silver glitters, (or vice versa). So what you get is one colour on top and another colour on the underside. But allow your first bead to cure for a minute first so your glitters dont bleed into eachother.

Oooo, nikki-la-la that is a FAB idea!!!

I'm gonna go home and get the forms and glitter out tonight!

And thank you for the number for Nails Mag, Louise.

I just applied yesterday for a student memebership to ANT and apparently you get it with the membership!

Just hope it comes in time for this issue. I can't wait to see the Lieghton Denny nails.

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