Pamper Parties and Birthday parties for kids


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Nov 6, 2005
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Hi Guys!
Where do I start ? Well, I have been racking my brains for new ideas to earn some money. Anyway, I have been thinking about doing some flyers on pamper parties and something for girls birthdays. As there is nothing as far as I am aware in this part of Spain a.t.m. Anyway, as I only do nails which will probably be okay for the kids parties, I was thinking of approaching a fellow beautician to see if she was interested in doing some parties with me and offering some treatments, so I would do the nail side of things and her the beauty, but what I am worried about is that she may get more work than me, so how would you suggest doing the payment structure, so we each got something out of it. Do you think that since it was my suggestion, that if I did all the leg work and advertising, that I could take a commission off her on the evenings that she did more work than me, but also on the evenings I did some treatments too ? And if so, what do you think would be a good thing to do. Plus do you think offering a package which included a couple of beaty treats and mani and pedi or 1 of each, so we both got work would be a good thing, and charged accordingly ? Any ideas anyone ?:rolleyes:


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Jul 6, 2006
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west yorkshire
If you are going to be working along side someone you need to work out a structure so that you do the same treatments for each client,
you do hands and feet and the other person do a facial and mini make-up ?
and then you both take 50/50.
Or just do it on your own, paint finger nails and toe nails, add nail art to ring fingers and thumbs, and big toes, (could just be stickers, decals or diamantes)
add a transfer tattoo to the body and some roll on glitter some where to the body and give a small goody bag,
then all the profit that you make is your own,
it is hard work and a lot of effort and you need the patience of a saint cos they always come back saying my whatever has fallen off can you put it back on lol
good luck with it hun

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