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Jul 1, 2007
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I'm new to the forum and only been doing man/ped 6 months. Trying to start new business while keeping day job going. Just had a phone call to ask if I could do a hen night for 9 people - all booked up but I am now quaking in my boots. This is the first one for me and I will be giving the bride to be a mani and the others will decide on man/ped on the day. I would really appreciate some tips/ideas from people who are experienced in this. I know you got to start somewhere but I dont want to mess up as I could get quite a few new clients from this as they are all local to me. Hope to hear from anyone out there soon.

Siana - I would try and get somebody to help you out on the night as 9 is alot to do.

Good luck!
:eek: You really need someone to help you and you need alot of time - that sounds like a full days work to me!
Put together what you are going to do for the party, full mani for the bride with french polish but probably only file and polish for the other girls or mini mani. Have your selection of polishes and some rhinestones, dried flowers, and nail art stickers.
If anybody wants more than that arrange with them to see you before the day for cuticle work, treatments etc then polish them on the day.
Thanks for replying - I think I've made a bit of a cock up and need to ring her back to talk numbers! I was planning on a full manicure for the bride and just file and polish for the rest but this will still take ages. Its still taking me about half hour just to file and polish at the moment. How long does this take other people - am I still way off the mark? Thanks for your advice anyway - better make that call.

i have done 7/ 8 in one evening and its HARD WORK - but it can be done! Just do express manis or pedis on them rather than the full works - they wont be expecting an hour treatment - i find parties work really well for me - dont forget to hand out your price lists to everyone along the way!!!

good luck
forgot to say - i spend about 25 mins with each person and get my mani/ pedi done in this time - ie dry pedi xxxxxxx
I have my sister help me. We do min-- man/ped and quote a price for the whole party. We also have them at the salon on Sat.after we close for the day

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