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Jan 13, 2004
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Western Australia
Two questions:

1. Can you use any moisturising/rehydrating creams etc with paraffin treatments?

2. How do you clean the brush??!?!

Thanks guys

Hi Looby.

With regards to question 1. Do you mean for the massage? If you do, then I understand you can use any hydrating/moisturising cream with the treatment.

Re No. 2. We're taught at college to clean the brush in hot water in a bowl - don't wash it down the sink or you'll block you drains! It does tend to come out.

Hope that helps.
Jeni :)
Hi Jeni,

Yeah - before dipping - at college they kinda skimmed us through paraffin treatments but I remember having to apply some kind of lotion and then dipping. Just wondered if this was any particular kind??? Or if it helps the absorbtion of any product?


Hmmm. Our tutor never mentioned any special lotions or potions before paraffining. I wouldn't imagine it would make any difference which type of lotion you used, as long as it wasn't a barrier that stopped the oils from the paraffin getting in

As far as i am aware any foot creams can b applied before paraffin wax
I always use a hydrating manicure lotion before dipping in paraffin and the wax then comes off a dream.
As for cleaning the brush, you can`t use the brush for anything else so when I used to brush on rather than dip which I now do I used to just wrap the brush in plastic until the next time
you can use either a hydrating massaging cream/lotion or an oil. So yes, basically anything - I suppose you could even use an oil that you could get from the supermarket - avocado is fantastic for improving the texture of seriously dry skin and this, coupled with the heat from the paraffin will give the skin a serious moisture injection.

At college, you are taught to wash your brush in warm, soapy water and - as toodles said earlier - you have to remember not to empty it down the sink as you will block the drains.
I do a couple of paraffin dips for men who suffer from arthritis and because they don't want to be 'smelling of roses' afterwards, I tend to just use baby oil. Helps to remove the wax quicker afterwards!
I was taught that you apply the cream or oil first and massage in, then apply the wax straight away which helps cream be absorbed. It also helps in turn to remove the wax easily. If put wax on and no moisturiser it comes off in bits instead of as a whole.

I've never done parrafin, how do you get it off at the end of the session?

Oh Deb 397! When you have one, you'll think you've died and gone to heaven!!! They're lovely.

here's a thought .... can you use paraffin wax on your hair?? For dry ends???
When I did my manicure course it covered moisture masque with hot mitts and not parrafin. However, I have a slab of wax and someone said you could easily gently heat it in the microwave and instead of buying a parrafin heater.

Does the stuff just wash off?

Deb379 said:
When I did my manicure course it covered moisture masque with hot mitts and not parrafin. However, I have a slab of wax and someone said you could easily gently heat it in the microwave and instead of buying a parrafin heater.

Does the stuff just wash off?


Hi Deb - wax is not water soluable so it wont wash off - after youve left the client in the wax for ten minutes you just ease it off with your hands starting at the wrist down to the fingers...

I would strongly advise you buy a professional wax machine and dont use the microwave - the risk of scolding someone or you is to much....Salon Solutions sell a machine for melting wax at around £50....hth
Thanks, do you know the web address for salon solutions?

Depending on your heater (please don't use microwave) you either paint the wax on in layers with a brush. See p15 of Ellisons cat and there's one for £35.00. It has the brush with it - that's the sort you use.

After massage cream applied, if you are painting on you paint from wrist to tips in one go and build up layers say 3-5 layers. Wrap in cling film or special plastic bags and wrap in either towels, mitts or heated mits and leave for about 15 mins. You should be able to roll back the wax almost in one go from wrist to tips but as long as it comes away cleanly that's all that matters. If there's no moisture cream underneath it won't come away cleanly.

You can also buy a wax bath (also p15) that you dip your hand or foot in 3/4x which sounds bliss but the con is that you use a lot more wax and you can't re-use the wax on another person so more expensive. With the wax pot you need to decant wax from pot using a ladle into another container to prevent any contamination of pot. You then chuck out what you don't use. You'll get a feel for the right amount with practice and depending on size of ladle.

Hope that helps.

It is bliss and my fingernails didn't crack and flake when we were practising this treatment each week.
Thanks HandyAndy.

I would definitely like to try it especially as my hands get very dry and cracked in the winter when I'm messing about with my horses more.

From what you are saying the paraffin comes in a pot? I've only got a slab in a bag, so I suppose you just break that off and melt it?