Pedi spa baths?


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Jun 11, 2007
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Hi everyone,
Weather is warming up here in Australia so the toes are coming out. I was taught that pedi basins or bowls are better than spa baths as they are more sanitary. This I completely understand but whenever I do a pedicure the water goes cold so quickly! I want the water to stay at a constant temperature and you just cant achieve that in a basin. Money is an issue with my little business and so the expensive spa baths is not an option. I'm just curious if anyone has any ideas or can shed some light on spa baths?

Try using some massage stones, heat them & put them in the bowl. Another one I have done is to use a large heat pack and sit the bowl on it, I don't think that works as well though.
I only use a bowl for the initial soak now, so I don't have to worry about it any more. I use hot towels to remove product during the pedi.
Thanks Bernadette,
I use little glass stones in the bowl. Would they cool quicker than 'real' stones? You mentioned heated towels...can you give me some insight as to how you do your pedicures?

Thank you
Sorry I real don't now the heating difference in using glass or stone.

I use a slow cooker I bought at The good guys for $45 instead of a hot towel cabinet.

I soak the feet in the bowl.
Apply sea serum, cover with cling wrap, cuticle remover, file toes.
Use one hot towel to remover serum.
scrub, wrap foot in foot towel.
scrub other foot and wrap inhot towel. I always like to keep the foot I'm not working on covered. The towel is still warm when I remove. As I remove towel, I wipe over foot/lower leg to remove product.
mask, wrap in dry towel . Do other foot. Use hot towels to remove.
lotion, massage, finish nails.

For towels I actually use cloth nappies cut in half and hemmed, I use 7-8 each pedi, but I fit about 4-5 dozen I one load to wash so it's still not much washing. I use them for mani, facials & everything else to. I only use big towels for massage & under the feet doing a pedi.


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