Pedicure contra-indication?


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Nov 18, 2007
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Hi all

I was doing some research and came across a website that has signage for salons and came across something I've not heard of before. The sign says 'Please do not shave your legs for 24 hours prior to your pedicure service'. Why would that be?
I think when you shave the pores are open on your skin and as a pedicure inviolves a scrub and a massage, could cause erythema to the skin.
As for the same as any waxing on the face, you wouldnt perforem a facial.
Carrie x
It all depends on the products used during the pedicure as to the aftercare advice you would give the client. Normally the pedicure would end with a massage, or if a more luxurious treatment is given they could have had a paraffin wax pedicure, or treatment masque which penetrates into the skins layers. Shaving removes the top layer of skin as well as the hairs which could be abrasive following exfoliation and any products used during the pedicure would not have the time on the skins surface to benefit the skin as well.

*This would then leave you with the ideal opportunity to recommend a waxing treatment instead, explaining the benefits of how it will leave the skin hair free for longer, up to 6 weeks, and wont leave behind that stubble feeling which is left with shaving due to the blunt cut of the hairs which makes them appear thincker and darker, and the new hairs from waxing will have tapered ends so appear thinner and finner.

Hope this helps
if they have recently shaved, then you exfoiliate, the legs could bleed, as shaving also exfoiliates and leaves the legs tender.

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