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Nov 6, 2007
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To all you salon owners out there, how much do you pay in commission to your stylists for selling the products?
My computer system works all the percentages out once i've input all the information but it works it out on a percentage of the profit. So if this were the case, what is the average to pay?
10% across the board.
Same here, 10%
So just to clarify-you all pay 10% on the profit made?I thought this was a bit low which was why i thought i'd double check and see what everyone else pays!
I have quite a large markup on everything we retail, so feel that 10% isn't too bad really.

Some places expect therapists to sell products without any reward as part of their job and aftercare for the client so my girls are quite happy with 10%.

I do also give bonuses for the most sold over a set amount of time etc..
No, 10% of the total not 10% of the profit.

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