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Dec 22, 2015
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i recently permed a clients hair. After carrying out all the appropriate tests on the hair (elasticity compatibility) i permed the hair using grey and black, as she wanted a lose wave. i used natural styling 2 ( colour tinted hair)
after completing the perm i felt that it didn't have as much curl and movement as it should. The elasticity and condition of the hair felt dreadful. i cut the recommended amount off the hair to try and bounce the curl back in.
The client came in the next day saying her hair had no curl and just felt frizzy and dry.
i have done 2 conditioning treatments and told her that ideally i would have re permed using a smaller roller but because of the condition of her hair this is something i wouldn't recommend. she has always coloured her hair at home and washed and left it, but now when this is done it just looks a frizzy mess.
i need some advice. i have been hairdressing for many years but have never come across someones hair going like this especially only after such a gentle perm being on the hair for 10 minutes.
Im feeling dreadful and really worrying im not going to have any solution but to cut it all off.
Has the client had a perm before?
What about a nano keratin treatment?

I'm thinking the frizziness may actually be a styling issue then.

I'm not so hot on perms but they take a lot of work to maintain so if she hasn't applied any product it will account for frizziness and dryness.

You say the elasticity was bad... Was it stretching and breaking?

Does she have any layers?

I'd recommend doing olaplex stand alone treatments to get the health of her hair back up to scratch before perming again.
Hi, it sounds to me that her hair has been over processed. Obviously, with your client colouring her own hair, she probably covers her whole head repeatedly every time she colours it and the Perm solution was the factor that caused this reaction. Did you do a test strand before perming her hair.
What where the tests you did before perming?
Was your test curl like before neutralising?
Why was the Perm solution only on for ten minutes, is that the recommended time for coloured hair or because you tested the curl and decided to go ahead and neutralise?
Getting the hair back to a good condition is the priority now, Olaplex standalone as suggested by CAMS97.
If your client continues to colour her own hair, I would probably not try to re-perm again.
Not very helpful now, but for future reference, I would not recommend perming hair that has been coloured at home.
The client would have been repeatedly applying tint throughout the lengths and ends, resulting in build up.
The elasticity would have been compromised, and hair such as this WILL NOT PERM WELL.
Always use OLAPEX when perming, it is Brilliant!
However, we are where we are, and OLAPLEX can still save the day!
Get her in, do a stand alone treatment, use a good moisturising shampoo and mask.....and if necessary, cut more off the layers, it might help 'lift' that wave.
Did the product state max. 10 minutes processing time or did you do the S curl test in several areas and it was done?

A bit of a generalisation but I think that clients who regularly use box dyes are often the ones least likely to use the correct products to maintain a professional colour or perm. They then complain that they don't look like the model in the adverts. :rolleyes:

Does your client use pro moisturising shampoo and conditioners?
Use Olaplex in your treatments and retail her some salon products to use at home. If she's using products like Pantene, Herbal Essences or Tresseme, she will have frizzy hair!

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