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Jun 14, 2013
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Could really use some advice here. We have a client thats been coming into the salon for 15 years, and over the years she's had both colour and perms. About 5/6 years ago she stopped colouring her hair and just gets perms. I done get perm on Thursday, and she told the junior who was neutralising that it felt "a bit nippy" at the front, we cleansed the area with cool water and she said it felt better. So the junior continued on with the neutralising. After it was finished I got her back to a station and there was a small red patch on her forehead, I then put some Wella SP Balance scalp lotion on the area to cool it down. Again the client said it felt better. So my point, her daughter has called the salon today saying over the weekend her mum has had to see a doctor as her scalp was so painful, she's been given antibiotics. She no longer wants to come to the salon. Obviously she's a very good client and we don't want to lose her. I've phoned wella (as its their perm we use, curl it intense) and they have told me that if there was only a small patch at the front on the head when she left, then it was not the perm that has caused the burn. Has anyone any suggestions here?? Or had similar experiences?? Should also add, the client is sensitive to nioxin and certain products, but up until now has been completely fine with perms. Could medication, health or age have anything to do with this?! Please help a girl out.
Hi. I'm just wondering did you have cotton wool around the hair line? Sometimes the cotton wool, if not damp, will soak up drips but then it will sit on the skin...
Agree with Nicky G....
ALWAYS use a barrier cream, damp cotton wool/sponge wrap, round the hair line BEFORE you apply your perm lotion.
Failing to do this, could cause a reddening/soreness on the skin, particularly on the forehead, when the perm lotion 'sit's' on the skin.:oops:
I'm surprised Wella did not advise you of this. o_O
It is not an unusual reaction if care is not taken.

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