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Feb 21, 2007
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Can anyone help me please. I'm thinking about purchasing an IPL machine or something similar. There's so many different machines etc.. and i've only just started looking into it so can anyone please help me with the following:

* Which machine is the best?
* Is there enough demand for it?
* Do you know of any companies to contact?

The thing i'm thinking about is that it's been out for some time now and this is putting me off slightly and obviously the cost of machines. I've seen a few companies advertised in the guild but would rather have recommendation and opions first before i go any further.

If there's anyone from my area (Leeds) who maybe does these treatments i would be grateful to get your in put on it too.

Many thanks :)
There's a lot more to it than the cost of the machine... have you looked into the licensing aspect of this treatment? I'm sure it requires Healthcare Commission registration, and I've also heard that you need a designated room without no reflective surfaces, and you need to retain a doctor etc

I have not actually looked into it myself as, atm, I'm not particularly interested in expanding, so I may or may not be correct in what I've said, this is just what I've picked up reading other threads over the years.
I've just had a look at your profile and see that you're mobile. As far as I am aware, doing IPL on a mobile basis means that you don't need healthcare registration etc. However, this is a loophole imo... be careful as this loophole could be closed, then you might be left with an expensive machine you can't use.

Also bear in mind that IPL is not legally allowed to be called permanent hair removal :!:
Thanks for that i'm working freelance in salons so won't really be doing this mobile. I know its a hair reduction. yes i do know about the healthcare registration and stuff but not looked into it. I do permanent makeup so i know there's always licenses and things nothing is straight forward.

Not really had any response so may need to look into it further.

Thanks anyway

Did you get any further with the IPL? I have been looking into it and have found that Lynton seem to have a good reputation.

And they can help with healthcare registration.

hi thanks for that. i changed my mind not to do it although the salon where i work freelance might look into it so i'll let her know about Lynton. Thanks

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