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Mar 2, 2012
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Hi geeks this may be a daft question but here goes....

Following a discussion I had the other day, with another stylist I was a little confused, I was wondering if anyone can clear this up for me. We had ran out of 6% (20 vol) peroxide an she wanted to water 12% (40 vol) down to make it, I know from my theory lessons many moons ago that you can do this by using equal parts of distilled water an 12%. She then asked if she had ran out of 12% an wanted to make some using 6% could this be done by just using double the amount of 6%? I wasn't sure, does anyone know? Thanks in advance
Thought so thanks ;-)
Two lots of 6% just gives you more 6% in the bowl.
No that wouldn't work. Apparently equal abounds of 6% and 12% make 9% and equal amounts of 3% and 9% make 6% never tried this one though xx
bhahahahaha. . . sorry cruel to giggle but it tickled me
Iv heard the water one, but never doubling the amount of a lower strength.

If using 12% iv always seen it as there is 12 parts peroxide with 88 parts other ingredients.

So doubling the total mix of peroxide is still only 12 parts peroxide with more other stuff and therefore still the same strength xoxo

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