Perron Rigot - how many Brazilians?


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Aug 11, 2010
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Any geeks out there that use Euroblonde wax, approximately how many brazilians do you get out of one bag?
I seem to be rather generous in application so its not lasting that long!
Thanks x
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I would honestly struggle to say as I use it for brows, underarms, lips and regular bikinis as well as Brazilians. I do think I read a similar question with better answers than this one!!!
I'll see if I can find it x
It's sometimes hard to measure these things as we top up our pots as we go along and you doing other bits and pieces as well as just Brazilian waxing and some clients you use more wax and some a bit less...

From a bag of Homme I get on average 5/6 male Brazilian wax treatments.

Thanks for the reply Jack , I was at least hoping for that for female waxing, time to improve my technique I think!

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You should get 6 Hollywoods/Brazilians and then you'll be left with enough for lots of upper lips, brows etc……….small areas.

How many are you getting? Are you putting it on too thick?
Probably about 4 along with other small areas , I do apply it quite thickly so its sticks to the hair , is that correct , or should I be applying it thinner?

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I've been using a bag of the Perron Rigot intimate 4 wax and finding that VERY hard to get thin! I find it sets super quick and if I try to get it thinner it just pulls the wax off the skin!

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