Pierced nail bed-ouch!


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Jun 26, 2013
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Today I managed to drop a knife whilst emptying the dishwasher with one hand and putting away with the other - less speed I know ! Anyway I have pierced through my nail at the base, it's very painful to say the least ! Has anyone suffered a similar injury ? How does it heal - will it just grow out ? Can I apply Shellac over this ? I'm thinking not due to the risk of sealing in bacteria to what is in effect an open wound :-(

Ouch...I'm sorry!

I was bitten through the middle of my thumb nail by a hamster a few years ago; it grew out and had no lasting issues. Take pain meds, especially at night...I did for several days, it was so sore!! Xx

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Maybe a salt bath, but I'd leave it free of polish of any kind

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Do you mean nail plate ?

Or nail bed?

You can cover it , it will probably feel a bit better instantly from being covered .

If there's no damage to the matrix it shuld grow out and grow back just fine,
You do need to watch it dosent get infected as that's sometimes more damaging to the matrix than the actual first injury .

I'm going through the opposite next doors dog bit my finger Few weeks ago .... I have not removed my shellac I don't want to see it lol all I know is my fingertip is numb lol
Thank you x it's through the nail plate into the nail bed, I had shellac on already - ill leave well alone for the time being no removal or anything. X

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