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Jun 23, 2004
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Dickson City, PA
Help - I have a new client with 9 pincer nails some are so bad that the corners are now meeting. Plus she has folds of skin covering some the the nail on her big toe. She thinks that I can just "file" them flat and they'll look okay. I can't get her to understand that her nails aren't thick they are coming together. I'm fairly new to the business and I never ran into this before - just how to I handle her - Is there anyway to make those nails look even remotely good?

Im nu 2 this aswell, but just a thought, cud u cut the nail as short as u can and then either apply a tip with a gel adhesive, or correct the shape with forms, and apply ure chosen product.

And then it might have to be the case that as the n.nail grows, she has to have product removed, and n.nail cut down again, and all re-applyed.

Defo, don't hold me to this, I'm just trying to think of the trouble shooting we had to do for my portfolio work for unit 19.

Have u tried searching for an answer on site search, or on web?

Hope u find ure answer hun!!
I would remove all the free edge, and sculpt back to the natural smile line.

The product would then guide any new growth in the right direction.

Maintenance will have to be very zealous and you will have to make sure that any new growth is 'captured' by the product at the sides to keep it growing in the right direction or the new free edge will pull away form the sides of the product.

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