Pink and Whites-thanks Geek for Tutorials-Awesome


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Jan 13, 2003
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Akron, Ohio
The tutorials are awesome. I have been trying to figure out p/w's for some time. They were always acceptable, but not great. Well, I printed out tutorial, practiced on tips, reread tutorial, practiced some more. Yesterday, I think it is coming to me. Did full set, and they looked great. Smile lines looked good and they were not crooked. I can't believe it. I may just go crazy and try the rebalance!!! It's so exciting when things finally go as planned. Thanks Geek and everyone who gives advice on this website.

Holly :D
Thanks for that Jora... Thats what they are there for... in hopes that they can offer some insight. Im getting ready for a detailed Sculpting one... have to first wait till part of its published in the next Scratch before I can post it here.

Anyway... thanks... look... im-> :oops:
Well I for one love them ..........
Not Acylic trained but with the tutorials i managed to get to grips with the little beggars and geting better all the time.
Thanks Sam, as we say here
Du bist spitzte
(your tops)

love Ruth xxxx
Must say i am another fan of the tutorials there are just great a big thank you to the geek
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