Pink dip dye help?


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Aug 9, 2013
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Hi all! So I asked what should be the best colour for cant floss pink! N everyone suggested crazy colour! So I went for candy floss!
I bleached the ends up prototype light at least a base shade 10, applied the colour and it was fine! Client has txt t t me saying its washed out after first wash! I give her after care and told her what shampoo to use and not to use!
Should it of faded this quick?
And what could of caused it x
Yep it fades after 1 wash I only suggest those types of colours if my client is skilled enough to take it home with them and apply it in the shower (1/2 cracy colour + 1/2 conditioner) 💜
The last time I used crazy colour was about 8 years ago carnt remember them fading this quick! It's literally came out after 1 wash, I expected at least 3 washes b4 it started to fade! X
It's the candy floss pink! So it's a very light pink x
I suggested fudge paintbox :)
they will all fade though, and if clients hair is in bad condition its less likely to hold it too x
How did Apply the crazy colour? X
I second fudge paintbox.
I did my sisters hair blue, it does fade but not as quick as crazy colour x

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