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Sep 3, 2013
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Can I get these plastic backed removal pads from anywhere other than S2 as I do not have an account with them until I have passed my manicure course.
I get mine from Beauty Express or Sallys. I must admit I don't really like them for gel or shellac though as I find they leave bits of fluff on the nail. You really need lint free gauze for gel. They are ok for varnish removal though. hth x
I get mine in large packs from Sally's, I don't have any more problems with lint than I do with any other type of wipes but these protect my hands and I use the back of them as a pallet when I'm doing nail art. They are expensive but you only need two per client, one for scrubfresh, one for removing inhibition layer.
Great thanks guys. Just went onto NSI, shipping is £9.00!!!!
can't find them on beauty express
Cut up waxing strips I heard are very good to use.. No lint left behind X
Ellisons also sell them at a good price :)
can't find them on beauty express

They are called 'Hands down ultra cosmetic pad pack' on beauty express. If you just search 'hands down' they will come up. HTH x
I use for scrub fresh etc plastic backed pads to protect my nails, if it's for dsperse I use waxing strip paper cut up into small strips, its fab.
Try They r direct from nsi just the postage is cheaper think u only have to spend £25/30 for free delivery...x

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