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Sep 9, 2010
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ok so about 3 weeks ago I got a full head of foils hoping to be blonde which didn't work out. Just got highlights. But now I want to go all out blonde. I have the bleach and 20 volume peroxide. I have light brown hair with full head of highlights. Questions are what would be the effect be if I dye the whole thing bleach blonde (because I have highlights)? And is 20 volume peroxide alright?

Don't want to go to hairdresser as I did and paid lots of money for something I didn't want and I don't have the money to go back.

Is it alright that I bleach over bleached highlights that are 3 weeks old?? Want to achieve this look (or close to it)

Im not a hair geek but I would say DO NOT do this yourself!
Going to a full head of blonde yourself might damage your hair and might also turn it orange. You need to get a professional to do this!
There was probably a reason the hairdresser done it in highlights as your whole head might not of lifted at once, so its done in stages.
If your not happy with the way your hair turned out why didnt you tell the hairdresser and she could of explained things to you.
hiya, i wouldnt recommend doing this yourself as the result will probably be patchy as your doin it yourself and your roots may go brighter than the rest of your hair.

Have you had any brown tint on your hair before? because this will also be harder to lift out .

Also in my salon we dont put bleach directly onto the scalp as it will irritate you and this maybe why the hairdresser didnt do what u wanted.

The biggest reason to NOT do this yourself is that when you apply the bleach, any contact made with the highlights you just got can result in BREAKAGE!!!! Boxed bleaches tend to be very strong, and a double application like that is asking for trouble. Please go back and see the stylist!!! You cannot repair hair that has broken off near the scalp.
Initially I didn't want to be platinum blonde. I went to the hairdresser and showed her a picture of what I wanted and she said we can do that. Anyways after my hair color didn't change it just went a lighter brown with highlights went back and said I wasn't happy because I didn't turn out blonde like the pic so she added more foils and now my hair looks dirty. I can't go to a haridressee and fork out another couple of hundreds and can't stand this disgusting hair so that's why I'm asking for help to change it myself.

Have the picture with you and go back!!!!

Ask her explain to you why she couldnt ( or just didnt) replicate the photo.

She must either continue to correct it , or give you back your money. It wont cost you a dime. If she gives you an unsatisfactory answer, ask to speak to the salon manager.
This will take time and wont happen the first time,you need to build up the colour. DO NOT DO THIS YOURSELF.I am a hairdresser and would not attempt this on myself as you wont get even coverage x

Ps why dont you go to a local hair college and be a hair model it will be a lot cheaper
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Yay managed to get my hair blonde not platinum but still really nice I love it. I have another question I have a little orange in my hair barely noticeable like u have to look really close to see it and I just wanted to as about the difference of blue and purple shampoo ad which one I should use to slightly get rid of the mild yellowy-orange tones I don't mind them because visually you can't see them I just want to achieve a little lighter look equally. Thanks
Did u end up doing it yourself or did the hairdresser sort it out for you?
Myself I really couldn't afford to go back to a hairdresser as I would have rather that option but I managed to do it myself which it looks great now

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