Platinum blonde hair?


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Apr 16, 2012
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I have a client with natural copper hair a level 8 and he want to go platinum blonde........... his hair is probally 15cm in our salon we only use colorgraphics and joico creme lightener. what would get the hair platinum best? colorgraphics and 22 promoter or joico creme lightener and 20veroxide?
Of the choices you offered I'd go with the colorgraphics and use the blue tube. You know he's going to get stuck in the gold range, so maybe two times to get it . Then possibly tone with a 10 violet drabber... Is his texture fine or course? That will affect how high he lifts 1st time. Be sure to do a nice proto pak afterwards to condition hair nicely! Have fun, sounds like a fun client to work with!! :) put up a pic so we can see afterwards!!
I do hope your not planning on using color graphics on the scalp! You can highlight with it but that's it.
he has course hair. i would use colorgraphics on the ends and on the heat band creme lightener but was woundering what was best im going to tone with 10g matrix colorsync spv and 10g matrix colorsync spa with 30g colorsync clear gloss and colorsync developer that should get him platinum? i dont like how alot of toners deposit alot of base and bring down the level ive lightened to.
Graphics only works best when wrapped in foil, your best to use v-lights with 20vol for 30 mins, take off condition, dry and apply again with 10vol for 30 mins, you should be platinium x

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