PLEASE dont make me go back to college!!!


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Aug 3, 2010
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I trained as a hairdresser to level 2 about five years ago. I completed all of my units but had say one or two assessments in 3 units to finish. I had to leave the course right at the end due to personal reasons then did a degree but have been doing friends and family since.

I now want to specialise in hair extensions and cutting as i was good at that but wonder if i had to start all over again?

Not being funny but this would hurt financially and be tedious as I was on my way to salon manager when I left (on the business side of things)

Im more than happy to train in hair extensions and do another cutting course but wondered if i should go back?

Ethically I know at least I must do at least the two courses but Im not sure about a full NVQ as I wont be doing anything else.

Also, do i have to get an NVQ or is the VTCT or in house qualification OK? Im in the uK by the way. I have tried to talk to my college but they are out for the summer :rolleyes:

Im rabitting now but worried, sorry for the long post,thanks for reading

Chai x
You should be able to pick up the modules / assessments you missed , therefore not redoing all the course just the few things missed.
It would be worth it as it will open a lot more doors when sourcing products and hair merchants as the best suppliers will only deal with qualified hairdressers. This is what sets us apart as the best.
Go for it girl it WILL be worth it and finacially you only have to pay for the assessments you need to do. If your college arent happy ( mine did) to do it a private college will with no qulams!!!
Good luck:lol:
Thanks loads for replying. Finally got throught to my college who said they throw away the log books after three years so im too late :irked:

All that down the drain, my own fault though , was 17 and didnt think id want to go back to it but i even miss the smell of a salon?!

BUT I found an amazing college who will train me in 16 weeks and APEL me on the simple bits like shampoo, condition and so on as long as I prove my competency which is fine as the only area im not confident on is my cutting as I didnt do much of that when was training only the basic requirements.

Yay, what a difference a day makes!


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