Please guide this humble Newbie on training :o)


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Jun 24, 2003
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Morning everyone :sunny:

Following my lovely warm welcome from you all yesterday - thank you :oops:

I would like to ask for my first bit of advice please..........[clearing throat icon]

I would like to get some formal nail training - so which way should I go

a) Creative Home Training course
b) 3/4 day novice course with someone like LCN/Star nails/other??

I have enough cash at the moment to do either, but want to get the best first training possible - if I go 'home' learn I could pick up all sorts of bad habits :( BUT if I go with a particular supplier I will only know their methods - HELP ME Please :D

Hi Portia

Just to let you know, Creative Nail Design are not home learn. They do a 4 day Foundation course, then a number of Master Classes and then you can complete it with their infamous Master Qualification Day. At the same time you will get all the support you could possibly wish for, both through your training academy and this board.

1-2-1's are also available to continue to keep your skills updated and to iron out any probs.

Another fab point in my experience is once you have completed your training, you are still considered very much part of the CND family and will not be shown the door and left to fend for yourself as seems to happen with alot of other companys!!

Sorry can't tell you about the other 2, but I'm sure others will.

All the best
I am very proud to say that CReative Nail Design does enjoy a reputation for the best company training in the UK ... BUT we are not the only Kidz on the block!!!

Company training has the advantage that you learn from the company how to work the best way possible with THEIR particular product -- this is a GOOD thing. Some like to make out that it is a bad thing - why I don't know. Our company wants you to be successful - cause if YOU are ... WE are too.

There is no such thing - in my opinion - as good generic training!! What good is it?? There simply is no generic training that can prepare you to use EVERY product efficiently. If you train generically then you only have to do more training (if the company is a reputable one) to be able to use another product.

Go with a company who has a proven record of success -- great products --- trained educators --- and great back up service to partner with you in your future success.
Hi everybody, I 'm new to this and agree that the Creative Products are the best. But the training and support ?? :( Maybe I trained at the wrong one. I have had more support from other trained nail tech's than from my training school. But I do want to continue training with Creative, but unsure where to book next course :!: Advice needed on this one. Where would be the best CND located do not mind travelling
Best advice is to ring head office and get information on other Creative Nail Academies near to you. 0113 275 5719 and ask to speak to Education or an Academy Advisor. they will be very pleased to assist.
So home training is not the way to go then? :shock:

I did think 1-2-1 face to face was the better choice :D

I call Creative and get some details from them too - thanks all

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