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Aug 6, 2007
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Hi Everyone,

I have to do a paper as to why L&P soak off and Gel doesnt. I know it is to do with the chemical structure, That L&P is mixed as when required, due to the chemicle structure. As in the polymers and monomers are seperate until mixed which then starts the process of polymerisation. And that gel has aqlready been mixed in a way that means it has already partly polymerized. Hope i am explaining this properly and correctly.

What i want to know is 'why does this effect the way they can be removed'.

Please help, i am studying and researching but i cant find an answer to that question. I am sure the fact that i am understanding the basic chemical structures of each system and what it means will be ok. But i really want to know "Why it effects them differently in regards to removing them"?

Thanks in advance for any help on this matter. XXX
Hi Everyone,

I have to do a paper as to why L&P soak off and Gel doesnt.

But some Gels do soak off!

Have a look on this site and see if it helps, its helped me loads in finding some answers to questions ive been asked.
Its a fab site to read through HTH

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One main reason is that L&p is porous and most gels are not,
i am sure you will get lots more answers, i don't use gel so that's the best i can offer, lol
it tends to be a bit quiet on here at the weekend but you will get some more don't worry :hug:
Thanks Loubylou, I know the answer in my head but i cant seem to fit it all together and put it in writing. I think im thinking too much and confusing myself. Thanks for link pips, gonna take a look now. xxx
Just looked at link, Brilliant. Put what i knew into proper words and explained it properly. Thanks Again, have no excuse now, so will have to write it up. Thanks again. XXX
Glad it was of some help hun :hug:

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