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Mar 5, 2016
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Please help me out: I don't know what I should do in this situation.

So I went to a local hairdresser that claims to be a 5-star salon. I showed them pictures of what I wanted: grey hair with dark root. My roots were already dark, and I explained to them that I had dyed my hair at home before and that it had grown out. This was a light brown colour. They then tested a strand of my hair. Said everything was fine. I asked for Olaplex as well because I did not want to damage my hair which was £20 extra: I agreed to pay £75 total.

So I went and the process took 4 hours and 20 minutes. I ended up not with what I asked for at all. But it was not awful and not that different just with an ashy tone so I went with it:

Then I washed it with regular Herbal Essences shampoo ONCE.

Patchy, greens-yellow, orange top and black roots.. I went back and they told me it was because I had not used silver shampoo (okay..) but that it was easily fixable. The guy told me he mixed 20 vol developer and olaplex with the toner and left it in my hair. Then washed it out and attempted to dry it. It was completely green. Patchy, with orange roots. They said that 'oh the garner olia dye has created an oil barrier so it hasn't worked we need to bleach more and apply a base colour'. To that I objected and said 'you know what just put a flat brown on it. I asked them if this would damage my hair and they said no. They did it- and it turned out okay.

Then, I came home and washed my hair. I have never had dryer hair. Falling out in places, crumbly. My scalp was burning from a regular shampoo. I'm SO annoyed. After this pointless journey of wasted time, I'm left with frail hair that keeps breaking, and with tons of split ends, hair sticking up at the top of my head that has been left short and burned off. What should I do? The thing that irritates me the most is that I could have just dyed my hair this colour with a box dye at home. Doesn't even suit me. Any advice?

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you could complain about the damage to your and they may offer you some olapex treatments for free if they can see they have damaged your hair?
Just that is what a salon offered me 2 years ago when they damaged my hair a lot with bleach (wasn't olapex just conditioning treatments)
damage to your hair **
It does sound like the colourist in the salon didn't really know what they were doing to have left your hair nowhere near your target colour and so badly damaged.

I do think you need to return and ask them to look at it for you and possibly even ask for a refund.

However, I think you need to be more realistic with your expectations.

So taking into account the £20 for the Olaplex treatment, there's no way that £55 for 4 plus hours of corrective colouring would be a realistic charge for a genuine 5 star salon. I'd be expecting to pay £120 plus for that amount of time and skill to go from box colour to a granny grey ombré, excluding the fee for the Olaplex.

Also, why would you even consider using (xxxx) herbal essences shampoo? It would be like paying out for a beautiful manicure and going home and soaking your hands for 30 mins in bleach and being surprised that the varnish has peeled.
Your hair has an acid ph level and supermarket shampoos like that are far too alkaline especially if the hair and scalp have been exposed to strong colour chemicals. It will have affected the outcome and have contributed to the damage to your hair and increased scalp sensitivity.

Stick to higher quality salon shampoos such as Joico, Aveda, Pureology, Redken etc. and you'll soon see a difference.
Don't be 'seduced' by the ***** 5 star rating system.
Think about it, do you EVER see a 1, 2, 3 or 4 star?.....o_O
I could have 'bought' into the star offered 5 stars BEFORE the'rep' had even checked me out!!! :oops:

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