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Feb 9, 2004
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quik question, when u do free hand art, do u use polish or paint? or does it depend on what u r doing? how about on marbling (regular, not water)

what sort of paint is used in airbrushes? and when you airbrush cell phone covers, what paint then? do u first primer? and lastly varnish?

ooh nother one.. do u put acrylic on toes??

Hiya fluffho!

I can't say much about marbling cos I don't do it but I do know that normal nail polish is used. The best person to ask is Laystar and I know Glorsclaws has had some fab results lately too.
For any nail art, I use acrylic paint which is water based. For free-hand, I just add a drop of pain onto a saucer and paint away with fine brushes. For air-brush, I use the same paint - a couple of drops into the airbrush and away I go. The paint I use is mainly Createx but there are other great ones on the market.
I always use a base coat before I paint and because acyrlic paints are water-based, they wash off so it's important to top coat with a suitable one. I always use an airbrush top-coat - [if you don't use the right top-coat with airbrushed art, it can crack and look like an old oil painting].
There is a thread somewhere about mobile-phone airbrushing cos I asked a long time ago and Ruth [Nailsinlondon1] very kindly gave me fab instructions and I airbrushed a lovely phone for my mum at Xmas so do a search and you should probably find it.
Lastly, I personally don't think I'd want to have acrylic on my toes [mainly cos I can't bend down that far to do them]!! :lol: :cry: :lol: but I would have gel on them. I intend to offer it as a service later as I have just bought the Brisa kit.

Anyway, hope this has helped.
I did p&w acrylic on my toes, then glued a line of rhinestones (with nail glue) where the white meets the pink on the big toes and a line of silver flatstones on the other toes.

The girls at work think they're fab, and have been making me where sandals so everyone can see them!!!

I've had them on about 3weeks now, and they still look really good !!!
Hi there, I use ezflow boogie night ac on toes, then finish with a coat of Akzentz gel-looks amazing, and lasts til it grows out-very popular in Summer.
I also put a coat of gel on top of nail art -which helps it last for ages too.
luv June.
at the moment i'm into those googly eyes... ya know the ones that are in a bubble... they're usually used in crafts and stuff. I found them at a craft store... i bought the smallest ones i could find... they're great for faces.
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