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Apr 26, 2003
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hi guys, im really p'd off...my new pro styler is all clogged up with acrylic, any tips on how i get rid of it, or do i have to buy a new one???? thanks vicky :(
That depends on how badly it's clogged up Vicky? If you haven't already done so sit your brush in monomer to soften that demon acrylic and then when soft gently ease it out. If it's heavily clogged removing said demon may split the hairs and in which case I'm sorry to say you will need a new one. My daughter managed to stick her new master series pro styler (that I bought her) to the side of the dappen dish! She bought a new head.
i'm probably going to go against the grain for most nail companies out there, EzFlow included, but you could always try using a brush cleaner. hold your brush in there for a few mins to allow the acrylic to soften and gently wipe out onto some paper towel, repeat if you need too. i don't always advocate the use of a brush cleaner especially on a regular basis as it can cause you bristles to dry out, but if you use a good quality brush cleaner containing conditioners you should be ok this once. just make sure you then clean your brush thouroughly in monomer before you begin to work again to remove the brush cleaner and to recondition your brush again
This can be a tough one.
If you are about to start a client and you have a sculptured enhancement stuck in your brush... you are in a bad situation.

Yes, you can use a solvent to remove the little pain, but you will take about 1 year out of your brushes life (image what would happen to your hair if you washed it in brush cleaner). If stuck in that bad situation... you may have to dissolve it... but I would try to avoid it if at all possible.

Always have 2 brushes on hand to save sacrificing one to save another.

There is a bit on this in the Faster Finer Nails Novel here on the site:

Hope this helps
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