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Jan 11, 2006
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Hi all.
Starting a new thread because I'm afraid It will get lost in the other threads, they are quite long.

I keep reading the threads as people just wanting to make pink and whites, but what about the art?

First of all if the prices were a little lower than couture sets, more people would have the money to get art (not saying to drop your prices)

But the amount of time it takes to finish of with the nail art, sealing it there would be a market.

Then I got to think!:eek: when we do those killer deco ses, with encased nailart we cap in clear, and the finishing takes quite som time, would you be able to use a popit instead, therefore lowering the time, which could make it an option for those who don,t have GBP 120 to get those nails normally. We would still make more money, because we use less time and more people will choose more expensive nails......

Do I make sense or just plain stupidd:lol:

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