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Oct 21, 2014
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I know this is almost a stupid question but I have got a practice hand it's literally just a rubbery hand not like the nail trainer one. I want to scuplt onto it but how do you do it without the acrylic getting stuck? Will it just pull off cos of the surface. I really want to use it for something other than freaking my husband out haha xxx
Why not just give it a go and see what happens?? I think they are only a couple of quid on ebay so if it all goes wrong, it's not a hugely expensive mistake but if it goes well, then good! (and if it turns out weird, then it can be used to freak out your husband even more!!!)

Just remember that you can't use acetone on any of the practice that does melt the plastic!! (trust me, I did it, ha! ha!)
Yeah good idea I will just go for it!! Freakish but slightly more attractive hand here we come haha
Are you talking about the little finger ones?
Oh yea them ones. They're really rubbery aren't they. Does it have a slight free edge to place the nail form on? It doesn't look like it has

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