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Apr 14, 2003
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hiya guys and gals :D i hope everyone is well and not suffering like me with a rotten cold :? just a quickie to ask peoples opinions on the pre cut fiberglass and silk that can be bought, i don't find cutting my fiberglass/silk a problem fairly quick and easy if not a touch fiddly and i always cut all 10 strips as per suggested by geeg wayback........BUT........ :D do any of you out there who use pre cut fiber find it very much quicker and less fiddly to use?(as the cuticle end is pre shaped?) i was looking at some the other day and i must admit to thinking that the strips looked a tad wide for the majority of people that i use Fabric# on how do you find yourselves pre tailoring these for the width of your clients nails is it just a tad off the left and a touch off the right or do you find youselves having to reshape the cuticle end too? therefore defeating the object of pre cut :D does any of that make sense :?: maybe the lemsip has gone to my head :D :shock: inshort is it very time saving or nothing in it worth writing home about? lots of love and hope the lurgy doesn't get to you all too :rolleyes: nickki jonesx (could have done a poll but cant get the brain round how to work it out!!lol)
I've tried the pre-cut fibre. Firstly it works out much more expensive and I personally didn't save much time. And, secondly, as you anticipated, I ended up snipping a bit off here and a bit off there etc. Also when my clients have shorter nails I use one width to cover two nails i.e. I use the end of the middle finger for the pinkie and the end of the ring finger for the forefinger - therefore, I still have straight edges.

I was trained to place a small "stress strip" over the blending point and under the full wrap. A number of my customers have told me that they have never seen this done. Am I the only one who does this? Is it really necessary?
hi ya glynis thanks for the reply i use Fabric# for which there is no need to use a stress strip with as its strength is great without it and does me just dandy, although i understand you can use a stress strip if you want that extra umph :D
i would therefore with other systems which i no longer use as im a total Fabric# freak now :D (as in my experience they are not so great and have no where near as much strength as Fabric#) you should use a stress strip. best people to awnser this one is none other than our geeg and ruth! :D
would be great to hear other peoples experiences with pre cut fiberglass/silk cheers guys nickki jonesx :D
Well guys and gals,
don't use the pre-cut stuff, to much waste if you just one one each finger.........

They are bigger then you need and I found that I ended up tailoring the cut off's.......... so what's the point I thought.........
With a bit of practice, you will master the art of cutting the strips........

But hey, why not do what Geeg suggested in a previous post... :idea: ........
Get you strip and pre cut it your self..................
various sizes.... :idea: ...........

As for stress strip...............
I only use them on heavy handed people....... :twisted: ..........
I found that the Fabric# System is very strong 8) ;) and you don't really need it....... but there is always the exeption to the rule.......
So hey if it works use it..................

have some fiddly fun.........
love Ruth xxx
hi ya ruth thanks for that hun well i guess we are all agreed then on that one far to much waste and just as much fiddlyness :D not so much fiddly as time consuming as you have to be so careful not to touch your choice of fiber btw love your happy xmas snowman that made me giggle its still novemeber though hun :D do you have your decs up at work yet is that what put you in the christmasy mood ;) love his gloves lol
nickki jonesx
I thought I`d just jump on this bandwagon and ask a question myself, I always cut the fibreglass/silk whilst still on backing paper, is this how everyone does it or do you take it off first? I seem to go through so many scissors and I wondered if thats was what makes them blunt. I have tried to do it after taking off paper but its so difficult that way
god debs yep its bad enough when its on the backing paper :D i def cut mine up still attatched ;) i too find sissors going blunt very quickly maybe its not that they are nessessarly going blunt but they are that they are so sharp to begin :shock: with that when they do lose their razor sharpness its noticable i sappose in this day and age its cheaper to just buy a new set than pay to have them sharpened :?:
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