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Aug 28, 2003
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i know that to overlay these tips they only need to be buffed ever so slightly to avoid ruining the design but what i was wondering was do i blend the the well area like i would a normal tip...or do i just apply the overlay after lightly buffing the tip?

i done a search of the site but i could only find what i already knew about the buffing part

I would cut the well out of the tip and apply exactly the same as I would a FRench Tip, to the free edge of the nailplate. That way there is no need to blend and to risk spoiling the design.
thanks geeg...i will have to get myself some new curved scissors, the phantom scissor theif has taken mine yet again!!!! :rolleyes:

hi there
we covered these pre-designed tips in training...the ones, say with flowers, we were taught to cut the well out but carefully cut around any flowers and buff really gently. say it's zebra print, you can't cut this out so were told to just apply, buff and overlay.
i bought some zebra print pre-designed (thought these would be a good cheat for me as my nail art was being constantly removed with polish remover) but had to return mine as apparently they were a bad batch! Didn't matter how gently you buffed with a white block the design was damaged and obviously if you didn't buff the acrylic overlay chipped. resorted to faze two to seal in my nail art and it's FAB!!!!
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