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Jan 21, 2011
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I have a client in tomorrow who is a base 7 but very ashy, she has been colouring it herself ( same old story ) and now it is over processed and has a 3 inch regrowth! It is a very light colur she has been using but not sure which.

She wants to go back to her natural colour, or as near as. I did 2 test pieces and condition ok. I use Wella so did an 8/0 and one with a 6/7 both colour touch. I have decided on a 7/7 as one too light and one too dark. All i want to know is should i pre pig the ends with /7 perfecton or do you think as the hair is so porous it will fade quickly regardless?
I have made her aware that it may not last long on first application.

Thank you
Prepig with 9/3then apply target shade 2 levels below
2 levels below?

Will that not just grab and be too dark?
2 levels below?

Will that not just grab and be too dark?

If you use 9/3 as infill colour then a 7/7 all over you shouldn't have an issue, don't forget though you always need to formulate your colour allowing for fade, and I always say its better a bit darker and fade than to light, it all washes out and you gave to colour correct again!!
But that's just me x

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