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Jun 21, 2004
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Hello, i was wondering what you guys thought about pre designed nail art tips? know that whatever its designed i could probable do it my self. But i see advertising every were for them, and some are cute.
hiya i brought some the other day and i dont really get on with them. the ones from NSI are good, but the ones i got not from NSI, it doesnt disolve into the nail, and after you have cut them down half the design is gone. if you want to try some i recommend the NSi ones

tina x x
Hiya, I have tried them and not got on with them. I find the tips are slightly thicker than normal ones so when you cut them they can get stress fractures in them which eventually become big cracks. I was told to make sure I had a sharp tip cutter, but had the same probs with a brand new tip cutter. I guess it must be me coz as you say they are every where. Also you have to be really careful with your filing so you don't file the design off, and they don't look so great when they are growing out.
I get on ok with them, but they are thicker and the design grows down so they dont last long, but are great for quickies and holidays. There are lots of comapnies doing them, but i like Pro Impressions as they do the re-fill sizes to.
You read my mind there Chocolate, as i was gonna say be careful what you buy as alot of companies dont sell the refill packs for certain sizes. I agree though that Pro-impressions have a wonderful range of tips in all colours shapes and sizes.

Are they good Chocolate as never got the courage to try them?

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