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Mar 15, 2003
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Thanks for that one Tracy, I have just emailed them to get more info and prices etc. Thanks for sharing, its great to get other sites to use for flowers, then you can shop around.
Thanks for sharing that, they look really good will give them a try. Very reasonable prices to.

I guess as they are not specifically made for the nails we'd need to get dimensions before ordering otherwise we could end up needing clients with very large hands and nails, lol ;)
yes most are too big...try fitting a pansy on your nails if u can :eek: lol...but I told them what I wanted the flowers for and they sent me the smallest flowers they had :) some were lovely and very effective but i am still on the search for a tiny tiny flower with a pretty colour (smaller than the ones from nsi and any i have found from the web site)!
Tracey, which ones did you find that worked ok from Devon Pressed Flowers, some of them look really nice so I fancy giving them a try but hard to pick out which are definately small ones from their pictures. Was going to mail them to ask but it sounds like a few of us may be mailing them already so think they will get fed up if we all ask the same question :lol:
Hiya Karen,
Best to telephone then rather than email, they can explain better!. Tel: 01626 367364.
Thanx Glo, will give them a bell :)
lIf you send Devon Pressed flowers a stamped address envelope they are happy to send you samples, just make sure you say what you want them for, they did recommend Potentilla, and small patio roses as they are small and petals are heart shaped, so there's a few to get started with.
they have different ones available at different times of the year ...karen, forget me nots were one of the nicest but I only picked out the really tiny ones as many of them were too big..still it worked out a lot cheaper than nsi etc. Would like to hear which you all liked...talented talons have u tried the roses yet? I would have thought they would be quite big!?!

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