Primer shelf life


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Jan 9, 2003
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There was a discussion on the Beautytech board about a month ago regarding the life span of Acid Based Primers.

I had suggested that after opening, the shelf life was around a month... but that I would check with Mr. Schoon whilst I was meandering about in the lab.

His comment that was 1 month was most likely too short in most circumstances and that opened primer would generally last longer. When pressed for the length of time he said that it completely depends on the primer, and how the tech uses it.

If you hold your bottle of primer up to the light, and you see little floaties in it... the primer is actually polymerising. At that point its a good idea to change it... or... just don't use em!

Anyhoo... I said I would find out and post the answer here... so there!
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